Team YOLO Pod: Youth Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

YOLO Pod: Farad, Kevin, Cameron, Alex, Joshua, Disha, Alexis, Halima, Kiranjot, Eden, Julian, Guillermo, Kathryn, Katarina, Ib (Alum), Sarah (GA), Shannon (GA) and Wilburn (Faculty)

Making Emery H.S. a more enjoyable place to learn in would have a positive effect on the lives of its students and community members. In order to raise the money to replace old computers, we decided to have a candy sale.
We accomplished successful fundraising and raised $240 that was put towards new monitors for the school. We learned to communicate effectively as a team towards an issue we all agree upon.

“… providing a space where Emery students could openly discuss what they would like to change within their school community is beneficial and similarly allowing York students to work collaboratively within the larger community” – Kathryn

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