Manojan Reflects on His Pod Experience

What My Pod Group Is Doing: Our topic is about mental health and school. We are using “Photo Voice” to identify strengths and challenges in our community/school, and will use the data we collect to develop a project that responds to the issues that we identify. Photo voice is basically taking photos and letting our photos speak for themselves. This Continue reading Manojan Reflects on His Pod Experience

Taelor’s MaRS Discovery District Reflection

My experience going to the Impact Expo at the MaRS Center was great. The moment I stepped into the building I felt welcomed, and could feel a positive vibe. When we got downstairs, we were welcomed with refreshment, in glasses, which was very prestigious and fancy. One of my favourite foods I remember was chipotle hummus and chips. It was Continue reading Taelor’s MaRS Discovery District Reflection

Recap | March Break Activities

On Monday, March 14 and Tuesday, March 15, the NOISE program hosted a series of March Break Activities for our NOISE fellows. We couldn’t have done it without our hardworking BSW students who were essential to the success of these activities. Our approach was to provide Emery students with resources, tools, and ideas on the theme ‘Life After High School’, Continue reading Recap | March Break Activities

A Beautiful NOISE

Not so long ago, the NOISE project was a hope, an idea with no people.  No people = no NOISE.  Over the last nine months, students from Emery Collegiate and York University have worked together with Social Work Faculty members and alumni to bring NOISE to life! In small groups, what we call “pods”, NOISE fellows have developed new relationships Continue reading A Beautiful NOISE