Precious Reflects on the MaRS Outing Experience


Our group met at Downsview station to attend the event. After about 30 minutes in the train and a 5 minute walk, we arrived at the Mars Center.  As we entered the venue, we were greeted and attended to. There were a couple of waiters serving little bite-size snacks in their trays; there was a mini bar and a chips, veggies and dip section. The refreshment was absolutely welcoming and got us started. The tone of the evening was very positive and it was all smiles on everyone’s faces.

I was told that the event was about issues that the youth cared about and that they have done research on. The youth had involved themselves in projects on issues and problems that they feel their city faces. There were a lot of visual displays on the work they have done. Everyone had different things and issues that they addressed but they were all very important. The presenters were open and answered lots of questions asked by the guests who didn’t really understand their topic.

The one presentation that really stood out to me was the research on the Black Lives Matter campaign; it was great to have a visual of their success, struggles and final reports. They included lots of pictures of the city, people that were involved in the protest. It was just outstanding.

After all the guests were done viewing the visuals, we were all called to take a seat to begin the actual event. After everyone had settled down, there were even more presentations from different university students. Their ideas were heard and very well appreciated. On the group of students had come up with a robot. This robot was built patiently and to function as a way to keep the city clean near the river banks and beaches. The robot looked like a truck but mini-sized; it can move around and pick up garbage that has been left behind by people and that are toxic to the water and the environment. I think that was a very exceptional creation and it would be a success if it gets funded fully. The event ended and as we were about to leave we were offered some cake as a delicious goodbye.

The night ended with our group from Noise going to a Korean Grill House for a dine-in dinner. We walked on our way there and it was kind of a great way to explore the City of Toronto. It was a long walk though so it was tiring and I was ready to eat as soon as we got to the restaurant. We ordered a dinner where we get to cook it ourselves in the grill and that was a fun thing to do as a group. My favourite part of the trip was getting to see and hear everyone’s idea of ways to better our city and promote togetherness and peace. Also, I loved us having dinner together and taking the train together. I would love to attend a program of this kind again. It was a fun and amazing experience for me.

Precious Eriamiator (Grade 9)