Taelor’s MaRS Discovery District Reflection

NOISE Youth Fellow
NOISE Youth Fellow

My experience going to the Impact Expo at the MaRS Center was great. The moment I stepped into the building I felt welcomed, and could feel a positive vibe. When we got downstairs, we were welcomed with refreshment, in glasses, which was very prestigious and fancy. One of my favourite foods I remember was chipotle hummus and chips. It was tangy and had a lot of spice, but I liked it. Overall, I really enjoyed all the presentations that were put together by youth.

I liked walking around and viewing all the different posters and information that the participants prepared. Even though most of the space was crowded with either chairs or tables with presentations, they also had artwork and photos taking of Toronto and people of Toronto. The different pieces of artwork were excellent. They all consisted of uniqueness but yet had something in all of them to make them similar. Although there were so many different presentations that were being presented by youth, all of them were absolutely wonderful. The energy and vibes everyone gave off made the experience more exciting and even greater and than I had imagined. Since all the presenters had high energy and looked really engaged while presenting their work, this made me really interested and engaged too. What I also liked was the little refreshment and finger foods they gave out.

Some of the presentations that stood out to me were the robot that that helped pick up garbage all over Toronto, and the group that I believe helped students all over Ontario. They were very impressive!  More than ever, I really enjoyed the robot presentation because I think it is a successful project, from viewing the presentation and I think it is also a great way to help go the extra mile to clean up the garbage all over Toronto.

Finally, the Impact Expo presentations was great and I would enjoy going back to see more projects. At the end of the presentations and speeches they gave us cake, which was some good cake, if you ask me J. After the everything was finished, we took a walk downtown to the Korean BBQ restaurant. This was really relaxing and calming. As we walked we saw large buildings and different stores along that road, it was refreshing because I usually don’t get to see that everyday. After a long walk, we had finally arrived to the Korean Grill restaurant. The fact that we had to cook our own food made the experience more fun and enjoyable. It was a really cool time because I felt like I was bonding with the other NOISE fellows and having a really good time with them and that made me really happy to have a night out with some students at my age.

The best part of the trip for me was when we were roaming around viewing the different projects.  In conclusion, I was very privileged to have attended this trip and it was a great experience and I would enjoy doing this again some time in the near future.

– Taelor (Grade 9)