The Path to Jane & Finch On-Stage


For the past six months, I have had the privilege of working with an incredible group of high school students and social work undergraduates in the Jane & Finch community. We started our work by extensively researching the gaps in the area. With our findings, we decided to create a social action initiative with four objectives – to increase youth in Jane & Finch’s sense of belonging, connect them with any resources they may need, debunk stereotypes about youth and J/F and, most importantly, celebrate their strengths and talents.

There is so much positive about the Jane & Finch community, but it is rarely talked about. Youth in this neighbourhood are stigmatized as either thugs or victims as a result. It’s time to counter these stereotypes and appreciate their abilities, ambitions and achievements!

With that said, we are proud to announce Jane & Finch On-Stage. A youth engagement event showcasing youth talents. This event will be held March 16 at the San Romanoway Revitalization Association Screening Room from 1pm to 5pm. There will be lots of community organizations there, free food and some incredible performers. Although it is tailored to youth, everyone is welcome to attend!

Please join us and/or help us spread the word! We are on Twitter @JF_OnStage and Facebook

For more information, feel free to email us at

Janelle Anderson, @NOISEGAJanelle

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